Q: Will my clothes actually stay on these hangers?

A: Yes, although the shape is different, clothes actually wrap around Precision Hangers keeping them firmly in place. We suggest hangers with felt for sweater, knits and other delicate items to keep them centered on the hanger. Only items such as off the shoulder dresses are an issue but, we are working on a solution for those as well.

Q: Why do Precision Hangers look different than other hangers?

A: Our hangers were designed to follow the natural shape of shirts, blouses and sweaters.

Q: Why are Precision Hangers better than others on the market?

A: The unique design distributes pulling pressure over a wider area of the garment eliminating dimples and creases caused by narrower or shorter hangers.

Q: Will the colors bleed into my clothes even if a wet garment is hung from them?

A: No, The anodizing process infuses the color into the metal surface preventing the bleeding into your clothing.

Q: Why do the hangers look so big?

A: Our current design is 18.5" inches long, only 1" inch longer than the average hanger. It looks bigger because of the "D" shaped bend gives it more surface area for weight distribution.