Thought you guys would like to know, after I saw your ad in New Yorker I ordered some of these hangers last winter, they have been wonderful and I have ordered more, but very hard to find.

I didn't remember the name "precision" so tried to find by googling -- I tried "curved hangers", "no shoulder bumps", "sweater hangers", all sorts of such terms and couldn't find yours, just kept finding the foam bendable
sweater hangers from bed/bath retailers, which I tried and didn't like.

Luckily I dredged up an old copy of New Yorker and found them. (that's how determined I was after many ruined sweaters and blouses) I'm sure these would be more of a hit for you guys if they were easier for folks to find. if you look at the Amazon reviews people who ordered them loved them, like me!

- SG

Outstanding hangers!

I ordered lots more because these were so impressive. Arrived promptly, very securely packaged.

- PA

I LOVE these hangers!

They really don't leave any hanger bumps on my delicate sweaters...worth the money.

- KA

Dear C,

Did the hangers meet your expectations? We are always striving to improve our product and appreciate any feedback if you have the time. Thank you.

I think they're great!! I'm small, so find they could be a bit narrower -- but they work really well for knit cardigans which I leave unbuttoned. I may need to order some more and will let you know!

- CZ


Yesterday, I received my order. The hangers are amazing and I would like to place another order.

Please call me so I can place the new order.

Thank you,
- MS

Precision Hangers

The dimple & crease free hanger solution, preserves all your clothes. The only hanger designed with sweaters & knits in mind.