Precision Hangers

Preserves all your Sweaters, Knits,Shirts, Blouses, Jackets and Coats without any dimples or creases. Finally there is a solution.

Love Your Clothes? Show It with Precision Hangers

Avoid dimples, creases and permanent damage to your wardrobe by using Precision Hangers that don’t just store your clothes but helps preserve them as well. Our garment hangers are quite simply, the very best size and shape for hanging suits, jackets, coats, sweaters, knits, polos, blouses, dresses and other delicate items.


Precision Hangers are made of one-inch anodized aluminum tubes precisely contoured to fit clothing naturally. The unique and Patent Pending “D” shaped bend provides support throughout the length of the garment thus eliminating pressure points that cause dimples and creases. The one-inch width distributes pulling pressure over a wider area, eliminating creases formed by narrower square and rounded hanger designs.



Precision Hangers are available in Red, Green, Blue, Silver, Copper, Gold and Black.

We consider the Precision Hanger design to be the most sophisticated clothing preservation system on the market. New features and designs are being created to expand the system to protect all types of clothing. Once you see how well your clothes hang from Precision Hangers, you will then realize the shortcomings of all other hangers on the market.