A few years ago I tried on a knit shirt I had not worn for some time.
While checking the fit I noticed some dimples in the shoulder created by the hanger and realized I could not get rid of them.

Looking through my closet I noticed all my shirts were getting dimples or creases. I then went from store to store to find hangers that would solve this problem. Not finding any, I began pursuing a design that would.

After extensive research, I noticed only the larger jacket hangers helped solve this issue, but they were totally impractical for all my shirts.

One day I found an old hanger in our upstate New York home that had a unique bend and thickness. After trying a few shirts and sweaters,

I realized this was the direction I needed to go. Upon testing a variety of modifications to the shape, I settled on the “D” shaped bend.

To take this product to a new level, I needed to do something unique. After seeing some beautiful anodized aluminum tubes I knew this was the material to use. Discovering felt with an adhesive backing to prevent slipping and stretching of sweaters and knits solved the last hurdle of my design concerns, it was then I realized, I was on my way.